The 7 Most Touching Latter-day Saint Moments from Reality TV

by | Oct. 15, 2019

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From cooking shows to dancing to singing, Latter-day Saints are making an impact on reality TV. No doubt these shows are fun to watch, but there are also many emotional, touching stories behind some of these Latter-day Saint performers who shared their raw talents and faith. So bring out those tissue boxes and let's get started:

1. America’s Got Talent—Evie Clair

One cannot relive emotional moments on reality TV without bringing up America’s Got Talent’s Evie Clair. Before her audition in 2017, Evie Clair told the audience why she was singing that night. 

"My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and they gave him a five percent chance to live, and he still continued working and supporting our family,” she said through tears. “So tonight, I'm here to sing for him."

She blew the audience away with her sweet rendition of “Arms.” She explained that she sings it to her dad to “help him feel better and just to give him comfort and strength to continue fighting." 

Her dad continued to battle cancer throughout Evie Clair’s time on the show. Evie Clair has made many performance tributes to her father. She even teamed up with Spencer Jones and recorded a version of “Eye of the Tiger” in honor of her dad, as he would listen to the song as a wrestler in high school before a big match. 

Evie Clair’s dad passed away while she was still on the show. Not too long after, Evie Clair sang a beautiful finale tribute as she made it into the top 10 of America's Got Talent with “What a Wonderful World.”

Before her performance, Evie Clair spoke about what her family means to her: “The happiest memories are my family gathered around the piano singing together. Music brought love and brought us closer together, even through the hardest times. My dad was one of the bravest people I knew. He always taught us to follow our dreams.” 

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She continues, “My dad taught me after I started something to always finish it. That’s why I’m fighting to the end, just like he did.”

2. American Idol—Johanna and Matt

When Johanna Jones began her performance for the American Idol judges at Hollywood Week earlier this year, she didn’t expect to get a marriage proposal out of it. During an interview before her performance, she shared through tears how much she wished her boyfriend Matt could be there with her. 

“This is the most important performance of my life, and if I could call him and tell him that I got a yes, I just know he’d be so happy and so proud of me,” she smiled, teary-eyed. 

Matt, at the time, completed all his finals in a day and drove from BYU to California so he could make it to Johanna’s performance. He had contacted the show's producers so everything was in place so he could pop the big question after her performance. 

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After Johanna finished singing, he ran onstage and asked, "Johanna, you're the love of my life; will you marry me?" Johanna said yes, sobbing with joy. The moment was so chockfull of emotions, it stirred up the show’s judges, including Katy Perry who sat down near the judge's table and cried. 

All three of the judges went up onstage and embraced the couple after their happy moment. 

“I took six exams yesterday. I drove 11 hours this morning just to get here,” Matt said. 

“Matt is the most amazing man I’ve ever met. No matter what happens, I’m going to go home smiling tonight,” said Johanna. 

3. World of DanceJaxon Willard

Jaxon Willard competed onWorld of Dance in 2018. During his emotional contemporary dance routines, Jaxon expressed suppressed feelings he held about his adoption, particularly concerning his birth mother. During one of his first interviews of the season, Willard broke down and told the interviewer, “I miss my birth mom and my siblings.” But then the interviewer asked Jaxon a question: “Jax, do you understand though that you would not be where you are, being able to do what you do, without this mom?” The interviewer continued, “You wouldn’t be here without this mom. You wouldn’t be here without this family and the big picture is you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.”

The process of overcoming this challenge in Jaxon’s life, his adopted mom said, was really hard. But she remembers telling him, "God gave you this talent because you put all your emotion into it. Not everybody gets a way to express it. They have to either figure out how to talk about it or they just let it go and they make stupid choices trying to get rid of the pain. God gave you that gift because he knew you were going to have some hard things to go through." 

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On August 8, 2018, Jaxon gave one of his most meaningful performances on World of Dance.

“It’s about my feelings towards my birth mom and how I was angry and I felt abandoned by her,” Jaxon explained to the show’s judges regarding his dance. “But then I didn’t know how to share these feelings with the mom I have now because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, and so I’d just suppress all these feelings. But then, throughout my journey and my growing, I would just learn that I can’t just be mad at my birth mom because I don’t know the full story, and so I just have to be grateful that I have the family I have now, and I’m just so thankful for that.”

4. America Ninja Warrior—Michael and Enedina Stanger

Photo from Entertainment Weekly

Michael Stanger didn't get fit to compete on American Ninja Warrior in 2015, he became stronger so he could carry his wife. Two years before his time on the show, Stanger's wife, Enedina, was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that causes joints in the body to dislocate. Within two years, Stanger lost 35 pounds and built muscle so he could help his wife, a journey that eventually led him to compete on America Ninja Warrior. Enedina supported her husband, watching him compete from her wheelchair.

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What makes this story even sweeter is years later, after working to build her own strength, Enedina competed for herself on America Ninja Warrior in 2018. It was an emotional night when Enedina showcased her awesome fitness skills at the Minneapolis City Qualifiers. Her husband, now watching Enedina from the sidelines, along with a crowd of people, cheered her on as she pushed her body to its limits on that course. 

Enedina told America Ninja Warrior, “It doesn’t matter what obstacle you’re facing. It doesn’t matter what hardship you have. There’s a way to go through it, go around it, to work with it, and to be a stronger person because of it.”

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