The Absolute Test of Your Life (and It's Not About Church Service)

by | Apr. 16, 2015

Mormon Life

Acting according to the Spirit is not always easy, and often requires significant sacrifice and, at times, deep obedience against the purely rational mind.

When thinking about the future, Elder Gay told graduates that rather than becoming a part of the “real world,” it is time to resolve forever to “stand above the world.”

“The intimate and absolute test of your life will not be the job or career ahead, not even whether you marry or serve in the Church — but rather the test is: Will you, ‘hear’ or ‘hearken’ and act upon the voice of the Spirit of God within you with exactness — using all the talents and gifts and education He has given you — to bring to pass His work and His glory and not your work and your glory. …

“Unless you hear and follow the voice of the Spirit, you cannot and will not survive this day and time — and you will certainly never achieve the impact your life can otherwise realize.”

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