The Ampersand of Life

The ampersand. That's the official name for the "&" sign. Did you know that?

And a couple of years ago, I received a lovely ampersand paperweight as a gift. I was kind of taken back at first. It had never been on my list of "things to get Laurel"...but when I read the card that came with it, it came to the top of that list.

Turns out my dear friend had given me one of the most meaningful gifts I have in my home. In her note she said, "You look at life with a constant 'and'. You take what happens and... then you accept what God wants to teach you."

Now, I don't know that that is entirely true, but the mere fact she thought that of me has helped me in that quest. I want to be the "ampersand" person she thinks I am.

And I think I've finally figured out where "the ampersand of life" comes from.

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