The Best and The Worst

Each week our family has family meetings, or family councils. We use this time to check up on the family; on how well we are maintaining the right spirit of the home, and on how well our family is using it’s system of family government.

During a recent family meeting we decided to discuss how our family did during the past year. We each took turns recounting the three best things and the three worst things which happened to each person during the past year. At first the children had a hard time remembering past last week, so I said I would go first. I sat there for a minute and thoguht out loud.

I quickly remembered through many experiences which happened throughout the year and then finally narrowed down my list to my top three things. After I showed my children how to remember through a year and select a meaningful event, they were excited to give it a try too. They got so excited in fact that some of them had five bests and worsts.

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