The Big Three

I don’t think that I like the notion of “Sunday School Answers.” Which isn’t to say that I don’t like prayer, scripture, and church attendance (the clear winner of last week’s poll), but rather I worry that the too frequent repetition of that triptych turns it into vain recitation, rather than a sincere attempt to seek and know the word of God.

Of course, some of this worry is unfounded. All three of these activities provide us with the opportunity to worship and to commune with God. Those are profound acts. No matter how we refer to them, the language can’t cheapen their divine intent or power. However, I wonder if the language causes us to forget those very characteristics. Since prayer, scripture, and church attendance is a kind of generic catch-all for spiritual, physical, and economic problems, I wonder if we tend to treat them the way we treat all generics: good if you have to, but to be avoided if possible.

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