The Curious Case of (the soon to be former BYU student) Michael Loyd, Jr.

In a move that clearly caught the fans and the media off-guard, it was announced [Michael Loyd Jr.] would be transferring out, by "mutual consent" of the player and the BYU coaching staff.

Why? Well, you probably are aware that BYU is a Mormon school with strict standards and a culture that a black, non-Mormon kid from Sin City may have a hard time relating to or immersing himself in. And, it would appear that you would be right. Because, although BYU head coach Dave Rose says Loyd was academically in good standing and that he had not run afoul of the school's honor code, "(Loyd) was given some guidelines in regards to behavior, dress, and appearance that he apparently decided he just couldn’t abide by," according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

He is known to have a tongue ring. He also wore a mohawk late in the season, but so did other players still on the team.

In cases like these, I almost reflexively side with the student and not the institution. The more rigidly a school enforces a template of detailed minutiae of everything a student wears, says, thinks, eats, and so on, the less I probably like that institution.

...But BYU is a bit of a special case.

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