The End Of All Scripture Study

The other night I struggled through a portion of Paul’s writings and was feeling a bit smug that I had successfully made sense of what he was trying to say. Later, as I was mentally patting myself on my back, I thought, “Now how does this actually help me?”

For quite some time, for me to consider my scripture study of any worth it would need to either strengthen my faith in Christ or bring self-awareness about my imperfections, which has brought about many important insites. (Notice I’m not using the word “apply” which has been discussed many times on this blog.)

There are plenty of times, however, where my scripture study seems to have other ends. Time has been spent trying to work through what the scriptures are really saying, comparing word origins, different translations, commentary, etc. While this in and of itself isn’t wrong, I have been left from time to time wondering “Now just how does this knowledge help me?”

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