The End of the Beginning

by | Nov. 16, 2010

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I grew up in California, a beautiful state that I still boast about (go on Soarin' Over California at California Adventure if you want to understand better). After coming to Utah for school, I met the man who would one day provide me with a long last name, Mr. David Ensign-Lewis.

I have been with LDS Living for several years; I started out as an intern in August 2007, and came back as a full-time editor in September 2008.

I once heard that a magazine editor can speak on any topic for five minutes, but no topic for six. While I don't think I've reached that lofty description, learning about a variety of topics is one of the things I love most about my job. My interests are extremely varied (I changed my major about seven times in college and ended with one arts major and one science major), so my job gives me the perfect opportunity to learn in-depth about lots of different things—even if it means I can only be a five-minute expert. My absolute favorite part about what I do is getting to know cool and interesting people through interviews.

What is your favorite LDS Living moment?

The moment I finished my part of “Breaking Down Barriers,” an article I wrote with managing editor Jamie Lawson for the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down. That article took a lot of time and research, and both of us were privileged to read about and interview some amazing Church members—some of whom lived behind the wall or helped with the missionary efforts soon before and right after it came down. It was an incredible story to tell, and finishing it, with complete satisfaction in the finished product, was an exciting moment.

What are your three favorite places in your hometown?

In and around Roseville, California, my favorite spots besides my home are:
1. Honey Treat Yogurt
2. Royer Park
3. Cavitt Stallman Road

Name three things on your bucket list 1. live abroad
2. sing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
3. own a café or bakery

What is your favorite word?


What is your favorite family tradition?

Christmas Eve dinner—each of us chooses one thing we want to have as part of the dinner. (My parents love to tell the story of how, in the very first year, it was only chips and dip—thereafter they enacted a rule of serving a base fare of ham and rolls, in addition to the personal choices of the family members.)

What is your cell phone ringtone?

“Make Your Own Kind of Music,” by Mama Cass

What book are you reading right now?

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

(This is my second time reading Wuthering Heights. I had to give it a second chance because it is my sister’s favorite book, but I seem doomed to frustration. Does anyone else absolutely hate Heathcliff?)

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