The False Happiness of the World, or why cotton candy is evil.

by | Jun. 16, 2010

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We live near a large amusement park. I happen to love roller coasters. Sadly, this love is not shared by my family. Neither my son or my husband are into this particular kind of thrill seeking (which shocks me about my son, actually, as we are talking about a kid who went to the ER when he was 2 for a concussion because he was trying to do a flip off the diving board).

My husband is so opposed to amusement parks, in fact, that I haven’t even bothered to include him in our family yearly pass, knowing that it would be a waste of money. He would rather almost do anything else than suffer through a day at the park, and so I go with my children and my friends.

“Why do you hate that place so much?” I asked, expecting the typical answers: it’s too hot to walk around all day in the heat, roller coasters aren’t fun, it’s too expensive, it’s too dirty, there is too much exposed, tattooed flesh on people who really have no business exposing so much tattooed flesh. (Seriously, after day at the park, I want to scream, “Put some freakin’ clothes on, people!!!”)

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