The First Mormon Chapel in England

My husband and I recently traveled with a group from Hyde Park Ward on a long bus journey to the Gadfield Elm Chapel in Worchester. This is a Mormon Church historical site of the first chapel ever owned in England.

In 1840, Elder Wilford Woodruff and others proceeded “south” as directed by inspiration to visit the Malvern Hills area. They were introduced to John Benbow by his brother William Benbow who had joined the Church three weeks earlier in the Birmingham area. John Benbow was a leader in the “United Brethren,” a group some 600 strong who had broken from the Methodist Church and were seeking for a restoration of the truth as they found it described in the Bible. They had built a small one- room church for preaching and meeting, and Wilford Woodruff was invited to preach there. All but one of the United Brethren joined the LDS Church, and the building was donated to the Church in 1840; the building was used for two more years until most of the congregation had immigrated to the United States, and the building was sold to help in the immigration costs in 1842.

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