The Four Food Groups of Holiday Entertaining

by | Nov. 15, 2013

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Going to the grocery store between October and February is an assault upon my senses. Holiday displays dominate, inviting me to buy the most decadent food. Why would I spend my grocery money on kale, ground turkey meat, quinoa and soy milk when brie, cocktail wieners, stuffing, and eggnog scream from the shelves “Buy me! Eat me!”?

As hostess, I’m compelled to offer my guests the four major food groups of holiday entertaining: fat, sugar, salt and chocolate. I remember bringing a healthy option chili to a church cook off years ago. Nobody wanted to eat meatless chili with chickpeas and tricolor peppers. I ate leftover chili for days. The woman who won had added sugar and chocolate to a chili whose primary ingredient was sirloin steak.

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