The Little Chip I Should've Fixed

It started out as as just a chip in my windshield window. It was a mark caused by the smallest of rocks. The chip really was small enough that it could have been easily repaired without replacing the whole windshield. If you catch it in time, they can put in a little subtance that seals the chip so it doesn't spread any further. You really can't even see the chip after the repair.

But, I've been so busy and it seemed like such a little thing. I knew I could let it go for just a little while longer.

But, I waited too long.

What started out as a little chip, almost overnight spread to become a 3-foot long crack across the middle of the window.

UGH! How did it get to that? If I had taken care of it when it was just a little chip, it would have cost me $20 and maybe 10 minutes.

Now, I'm looking at $200 and an hour. Where am I going to find either?

I was driving with some young women in my ward on a recent activity night. One of them noticed the crack (well, of course she did! It's THREE FEET LONG!!) and asked how it happened. But it wasn't me that answered her; it was the Spirit.

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