The Marriage Advice We Should Be Talking About at Church

We've all heard the cliched marriage advice that so often gets passed around in our LDS culture. But why aren't we sharing more advice from prophets and the scriptures? Nothing can compare to the advice these priceless resources can offer.

The teacher asked the high priests, “What advice do you have for a successful marriage?” The class responded gladly.

“Never go to bed mad.”

“There are two key words for a happy marriage: ‘Yes, Dear.’”

“You should never fight or argue.”

Yep. There is no place like priesthood meeting to get terrible advice for marriage.

Research says that there is one thing that matters most in marriage: positivity. To be more specific, a healthy marriage needs five positives for each negative—a preponderance of kind words and deeds. All different kinds of relationships can flourish when the partners see and dwell on the good.

But there is more. Sandra Murray is a prominent psychologist and relationship researcher who discovered that, in the happiest marriages, partners see qualities in each other that no one else sees—not even best friends and lifelong family members. 

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