The Midbest

Until very recently, I had little to do with the online phenomenon of good Mormon writers, primarily women, articulating the delight and wit of their lives for a niche public. Indeed, I am impressed, and intimidated, by the four glamour shots to my left. But as I have investigated the circle of posters, commenters, and admirers of the Apron Stage and like-minded blogs, I have noticed a wide gap that needs to be filled.

The gap I am referring to is not necessarily any gap of knowledge, gender, experience—the writers here clearly acknowledge their limitations, as any good writers do, but rather spatial: a geographical gap of several thousand miles. The conversation goes from New York to Washington to Utah (and its contiguous states, usually Colorado or Arizona) and back again, skipping the space of our good country with the brightest future, at least as far as the apocalyptic doctrine is concerned, of any place in the world. I’m speaking of the Middle West.

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