The Modesty Freckle

My children were just in a play put on by the local college. The play was "101 Dalmations". It has always been one of my favorites. The kids all practiced and worked and auditioned. Anya was a chihuahua, Kayla was a poodle (french, I might add) and Miracle was the woman, Anita, in the play. They each had lines and costumes and they had so much fun! Everyday was an adventure with laughter and smiles, so you can imagine my consternation when Miracle came home one day with tears in her eyes.

"What is the matter, darling?"


"Doesn't look like nothing to me?" (My standard reply to that answer).

"Something happened at play practice today and I don't know what to do about it."

"So, would you like a little help with that nothing?"

She smiled through her tear blurred eyes, and then told me how her costume did not have sleeves.

It was three fingers wide across her shoulders, but there were no sleeves.

Now, I don't know what rules anyone else has in their families. I don't want anyone else to think that I am judging them because their choice is different than mine. I don't know how you feel about sleeveless. I sometimes don't even know how I feel about it. But this is a choice we have made for these little girls.

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