The Mormon Neglect: Conferences Past and Present (Sponsored)

by | Sep. 02, 2017

Each April and October, as members of the Church we find ourselves thrilled to hear the new messages from our prophet, apostles and Church leaders. But when conference weekend is over, what will you do?

What about the feelings that prompted you to be a better spouse, son, daughter, or better yet,  disciple of Jesus Christ?

If we are so inspired, how do we keep ourselves spiritually lifted between April and October?

Let us help you to help yourself overcome “Mormon Neglect” obstacles!

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We would like to introduce you to Daily Lift.

Daily Lift was started in hopes of inspiring people every day by sending them a link to a conference talk from lds.org. Brothers and sisters who have very busy lives find it difficult to listen to conference talks. The talks are free on lds.org but our service to distribute the talks has a small fee.


What if someone…

  • Already categorized conference talks into themes? (Weekly themes have proven to be very powerful as we listen to various speakers’ insight on one topic.)
  • Pulled talks from past and present conferences?
  • Sent the talk to you as a text link from lds.org each morning?
  • With the touch of your finger, you could pull the talk up?
  • Provided links every day?

And all you had to do was…

  • On your way to work, the grocery store, the gym, on a walk, or any commuting, listen to the talk of the day instead of listening to the radio or music?
  • Listen today, and then tomorrow find the same theme from another speaker who provides deeper insight?
  • Repeat it every day, because now you discovered that conference talks have a purpose and provide light—the light you might be missing, or the spirit that lifts you every day. This is why we call it Daily Lift!

At Dailylift.net, this is what we do. We take the time to prayerfully go over 3,000-plus talks given by our Church leaders from 40 years of conferences and organize them into themes. You receive one by text first thing each morning. All you do is click and either read, watch, or listen.

Remember the reasons we all give for not listening? We remove those obstacles and make it as convenient as bottled water.

And if you’re not sure whether this will work for you, don’t worry!

 We let you try it for FREE. No strings attached.

Here are some testimonials:

(This came from a less active member who decided that she would sign on to Daily Lift)

“I just finished a conference talk sent to me by Daily Lift, it brought tears. Maybe I’m not hopeless! Thanks, guys, hugs.”   -Anonymous

“I have discovered gems I never knew existed. I would have never had the chance to read past conference talks from decades ago without this service. Awesome!”   -Ben

“I'm a mom of two young kids and getting a routine down in my hectic day has been hard… Daily Lift gives me the option to listen to a general conference talk in my car and on the go! The best part is I don't have to find time to find a talk that speaks to me. Somehow each talk I receive is what I need to hear that day. Daily Lift has made my days better and brighter.” -Mindy

“This has been something that has had an impact on my life. I especially enjoy the talks from the 70's and 80's—they have proven to be as instructive and inspirational for today as they were 30 and 40 years ago. You have got to try this service.”  -Jared

“I was not sure at first, but I love this service. It is worth the pennies that it costs to send me a text each and every day. It truly is what I need to hear on my way to work and it is my Daily lift. We live in a fast-paced world, and paying a small fee to have it texted to me ready to go, is worth more than gold.”  -Matt

“I love this so much! Wise words and prophetic advice come to me! And even if I miss a day or two I can always go back and listen! I especially love the themed messages around the holidays! You won't regret this service!”  -Melissa

Click here and get started with Dailylift.net.

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