The Most Patriotic Fast and Testimony Meeting Ever

Toronto (actually Pickering), Ontario, Canada, July 2, 2006.

I don’t have any way of actually measuring levels of patriotism, but as I sat in fast and testimony meeting this morning in my parents’ ward in Spokane, Washington, proudly wearing the American flag tie which my mother had bought for all her sons, noting the many men around me wearing the exact same tie, listening to some silly and self-indulgent, but also some heartfelt and moving testimonies, nearly all of which revolved around family, kin, children, freedom, the Restoration, and the United States of America, I found myself unable to get fervent, pious, and patriotic testimonies I heard that morning in Canada out of my mind.

We were visiting old and dear friends from graduate school, and had enjoyed a wonderful Canada Day celebration with them the day before (July 1, of course). That morning we left to track down a local ward, and arrived in time to listen to a very fine testimony meeting. The percentage of those who spoke who actually made some reference to their country and its blessings was smaller than the percentage of Americans who mentioned it this morning, but they made up for it with their passion.

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