The (New) Adventures of a Picky Believer, AKA It’s Nice to Meat You!

I ended up last week at a steak/sushi restaurant with seven co-workers: six associates and a partner. Everyone was excited.

We had just finished ordering, when I heard my named called out. I looked down at the other end of the long table, and one of my co-workers, Joe, was saying something to me over the heads of the two people sitting between us. “I ordered a 24-ounce steak!” he called out. “I’m not eating meat sparingly!”

The table got silent. They looked at Jim. They looked at me. Jim was smiling. He said it again, loudly, to me but for the whole table to hear. “We’re not eating meat sparingly! Sorry!”

I smiled. “It’s okay!” I called back. “Ha ha ha ha!”

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