The Power of Mercy and Redemption: 2 Touching Moments from Alma the Younger in Newest Book of Mormon Video

by | Apr. 20, 2020

After a two-week break for general conference and Easter, a new Book of Mormon video has been released! The latest video gives some interesting insights into Alma the Younger. 

Emphasizing the teachings of Alma the Younger to the people of Zarahemla and Gideon after stepping down from the judgment seat, this video focuses a lot on the faces of those that Alma the Younger is speaking to. Comparing this video to the one released a few weeks ago about Alma the Younger's conversion, I was reminded that the teachings about repentance, mercy, and the love of God were incredibly personal to the prophet. He had been in their situation, and his decision to come down from the judgment seat and preach the gospel struck me as much more love-driven than it ever has before. He had been in the exact situation of pride and sin that the people he was preaching to were—and he knew the pain that could come from it. He had felt God's love in his life and wanted others to "sing the song of redeeming love" as well (Alma 5:26). 

I was also touched to see two instances of Alma the Younger baptizing citizens of Zarahemla and Gideon. The scenes reminded me of Alma the Younger's own father baptizing the former citizens of King Noah's kingdom. It reminded me of the significant change Alma the Younger had to go through before he could not only appreciated, but also follow the example of his father.

Watch the full video below! 

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