The Power of a Good Primary Teacher

A Long and Rambling Tale…

This morning, almost ten months after our ward split, I headed back to our old building to hear my friend’s son give his welcome-home talk. When Beanie heard I was going to the old church, his face lit up- for the first time this year. He raced to his room, frantic with excitement- and rushed back to me, asking my help in reaching his “best church shirt way up high”. Since January, church has been more of a nightmare than usual- and church with an autistic child is enough of a nightmare- trust me.

Over the years, during sacrament meeting, Beanie has broken my teeth loose, given me countless nosebleeds, and busted my lip numerous times- he doesn’t process noise (or touch) well, and when you combine chatter, organ music, singing and people too close, it’s a recipe for disaster. When he gets agitated, he head-butts- hence my face battering.

But don’t judge him too harshly- like so many autistic children, he’s also a wonderful, loving, sweet boy- you just have to know how to work with him, and have patience. Lots and lots of patience.

You can probably imagine what a joy Nursery was for him- and his leaders.

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