The Prophet and Apostles Share What It Was Like to Be Called as an Apostle

President Henry B. Eyring, April 1995

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I will keep my covenant to take his name upon me and always remember him. And I will go wherever I am sent to teach of him and offer the ordinances by which we take his name upon us and promise that we will always remember him and keep his commandments.

Another interesting story about President Eyring comes from when he was first called to the First Presidency. While taking the garbage can back to the house from the curb, President Eyring's Wife, Kathy, told him he had a call on the phone. As Robert I. Eaton and Henry J. Eyring recall in I Will Lead You Along: The Life of Henry B. Eyring:

“Can you take a message?” he replied.
“It’s the office of the First Presidency,” Kathy said with a note of urgency. “I think you’d better take it.”
Hal grasped the phone in one hand, still holding the garbage can in the other. He heard the secretary to the First Presidency, Michael Watson, say, “President Hinckley would like to talk to you.” After an uncomfortable silence on Hal’s end, President Hinckley came on and declared, without introduction, “I’d like to ask you to join President Monson and me in the First Presidency.”
At what otherwise might have been a moment of profound thoughts and feelings, Hal faced an analytical dilemma. President Hinckley hadn’t spoken his name, either first or last. Given the improbability of his being called to the First Presidency, he had to wonder whether Brother Watson had connected President Hinckley to the wrong man. It had happened before. . . .
“President Hinckley,” Hal blurted out, “are you sure you’re talking to the right person? This is Hal Eyring.”
“I know who this is!” President Hinckley replied. The ensuing conversation was short. Hal accepted the call, saying he would do anything President Hinckley asked and that it would be an honor to serve with him and President Monson.
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