Proposal Stories of Members of the First Presidency

How did President Thomas S. Monson, Henry B. Eyring, and Dieter F. Uchtdorf meet their one true love? What dates did they go on? How did they handle meeting their in-laws for the first time? 

To answer these questions, we've compiled the inspiring, tender stories of what the First Presidency experienced during their courtship with their eternal companions. 

1. President Thomas S. Monson

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President Thomas S. Monson first glimpsed his future wife, Frances Johnson, at the University of Utah "Hello Day" dance in 1944.

She happened to be dancing with another boy, but that didn't deter President Monson, and he was determined to see her again.

About a month later, he got his chance when he saw Frances with three of her friends waiting for a streetcar.

According to his biography, To the Rescue, President Monson recognized one of the friends Frances was with as a schoolmate from his former elementary school, though he couldn't remember his name.

To solve this awkward dilemma, President Monson greeted his grade-school classmate with, "Hello, old friend," and his friend introduced him to the group. After he rode the streetcar with them, President Monson circled "Frances Beverly Johnson" in the student directory and called her that very night. 

For their first date, President Monson took Frances to a dance at the Pioneer Stake building where this time he was the boy who was dancing with her. 

After meeting her parents for the first time, Frances's father, Franz, asked President Monson if his last name was Swedish. He replied that it was, and Franz showed him a picture of two missionaries. President Monson recognized one as his father's uncle, Elias Monson.

Immediately, Franz began to weep as he told President Monson that Elias had visited his family while he lived in Sweden. Soon, Thomas Monson was embraced by both Frances's mother and father.

According to his biography, he knew he had “halfway won the hand of the Johnsons’s daughter” by the end of the visit. 

In the spring of 1947, President Monson proposed to Frances, though it wasn't as much of a surprise as he wanted it to be. With the ring in his pocket as they stopped by his home, President Monson's 4-year-old brother, Scott, announced, "Tommy has a ring for you, Frances," according to his biography.

Regardless, President Monson and his wife, Frances, were married on October 7, 1948, in the Salt Lake Temple. 

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