The Real Reason We Fear Commitment & Why It's Supposed to Be That Way

Whether your married, dating, or single, we still all fear commitment. And there's a good reason for that, so don't be too hard on yourself. Just understand there is an important, even eternal reason we all go through this same struggle.

I’ve heard many reasons of why people are afraid of commitment and, to be honest, I’ve given even more.

But a commitment-phobia isn’t just founded on the fear of being hurt by someone or even the fear of hurting someone–it is founded on the fear of self reflection.

You see, the more you commit to someone, the more you open up to them, the less your walls are put up, and hence, the more “you” you become around them.  

And all this amount to one scary fact: This means coming face to face with the person you’ve been trying to avoid.

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