The Refiner's Fire

Today was frustrating. I took Becca’s diapers away. Again. She peed in her panties repeatedly. Again. She seemed to be unaware and unperturbed by the fact. Again. I resisted the urge to remove the positive incentive/positive reinforcement system and threaten her sweet four year old self with all manner of horrors if she didn’t put her pee in the potty already. Again.


It gets a bit wearing.

And then I had an epiphany. This is no great thing really, as I’m so fabulous I have epiphanies ALL the time. Often, I have the same ones repeatedly. That’s how amazing and genius-esque I am.

Anyway, I was munching on some stale candy leftover from my plan to host a cupcake decorating party for my small children (which didn’t happen when I realized that hey! That would be work - work of the HARD variety), and I realized that I had no right to be angry with Becca.

So she’s taking awhile to learn this lesson, but people? I’m taking awhile to learn mine.

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