The Repo Man and Me or Life’s Lessons Learned

In my former life I was a married-stay-at-home-mom, who rarely worried about our family’s finances. To be honest, money talk bored me silly. I was quite content to let Mike, who was a Tax CPA, manage our finances, worry about legalities, and to purchase our vehicles. Repo Man Land was not a place I ever thought I would visit.

My safe little world blew up last July when I suddenly found myself a widow. As the shock wore off, I quickly realized I alone had stewardship over four underage kids and one young adult. Tex, my oldest, had just returned from his mission and was soon to be, but not quite self-sufficient. Before the funeral week was over, I hit the ground running. With help from my brother-in-law, I managed to get into our online banking to get a clear picture of what I had to work with. Thankfully our debt load was light, but we did have two car loan payments; on a Ford SUV (mine) and an Accura (his). I also began the task of changing banking and bill accounts into my name.

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