The Simple Thing President Eyring Is Praying All Members Will Do

Prayer is powerful, but sometimes we take its power for granted or just don't believe its power can apply to us.

But prayer has the power to change lives, and not just the lives of those who pray or for those whom we are praying for. 

In a recent Facebook post, President Henry B. Eyring shared one thing he prays all members do—pray. 

Of all that you might choose to do to help the Lord, prayer will be at the heart of it. There are apparently ordinary people who, when they pray, inspire others to open their eyes to see who is there. You can become such a person.
Think of what that can mean to those who kneel with you in family prayer. When they feel that you speak to God in faith, their faith will increase to also speak with God. When you pray to thank God for blessings they know have come, their faith will grow that God loves them and that He answers your prayers and will answer theirs. That can happen in family prayer only when you have had that experience in private prayer, time after time.
I am still being blessed by a father and a mother who spoke with God. Their example of the power of prayer in families is still blessing the generations who came after them.
My children and grandchildren are blessed every day by the example of my parents. The faith that a loving God hears and answers prayers has been passed to them. You can create such a legacy in your family. I pray that you will.
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