The Six-Word Phrase All Mormons Should Stop Saying

Our church is one of true service--not just lip service.

I stared at the woman’s Facebook entry. It was several sentences long about how her family just gotten some bad news and when were they ever going to catch a break and didn’t life just completely suck a lot of the time? I read the update to my husband. He is the home teacher to this woman and her family. I know he cares about them and would want to help.   I scrolled through the comments and most were variations of, “Oh my gosh, what happened? Call me if you need anything!” “Yeah,” my husband nodded, “tell her to call me if they need any help.”

If they need any help???

Good grief almighty. Of course they need help. Look at that Facebook post!

I’ll tell you what I told my husband: Never say the words, “Call me if you need anything!” 

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