The Stories of Women

by | Feb. 05, 2010

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Today’s interview is with Neylan McBaine, talking about the newly created Mormon Women Project.

LG: How did get started with The Mormon Women Project? Tell me how your own unique background and personal experience influenced your desire to explore LDS women?

NM: Growing up in New York City as the daughter of a professional opera singer, it never occurred to me that my Mormonism would force me to subdue the passions, talents and interests that made me a unique daughter of God. In fact, as a child and teenager, I participated in firesides in which my mother spoke about balancing it all: work, family, church service. I understood that my own mother — by only having one child and not having a temple marriage — wasn’t stereotypical, but rather than being ostracized for those variances I instead saw was the Church, as an organization, holding my mother up as an example of an accomplished, contributing and faithful representative of our people.

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