The Thrills of Salt Lake City

In July of this year, LDS Living moved offices from Orem, Utah, up to Downtown Salt Lake. It was quite a move for our little office, going from the lush scenery of a Tesoro gas station and K-mart to views of Temple Square and city life. It took me some time to get used to the new rhythm, but I quickly noticed some exciting things I previously didn’t get in suburban Orem. Some of these exciting things include:

1. Food. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t talk about the food. There’s so much flavor in a short distance from the office. Some of the places I’ve tried (and loved) are A Taste of Red Iguana (Mexican; Blue Iguana is also excellent), Settebello (Italian pizzeria), the Beehive Tea Room (sandwiches and cookies in a quirky atmosphere), the taco cart on the corner of West Temple and South Temple, and, of course, the Lion House. (Being just down the street from the Lion House and Lion House Bakery really helped out when we put together the Nov/Dec article, “A Lion House Holiday.”) And there are still so many places to try: Himalayan Kitchen, Bombay House, and other nameless digs I’ve seen while walking. Mmm, mmmm.

2. Public transit. Many of us have become quite familiar with the public transit system, which always provides interesting experiences. We all have at least one story of an encounter on a bus or Trax train that left us bewildered.

I’ve heard about one woman being hit on and asked out by a high school student, another who received a synopsis of an entire professional seminar her neighbor just attended (and was obliged to download an iPhone app about it), and one man who had the misfortune of sitting across from a woman as she got ready for the day—seriously. She did her makeup, her hair (including hairspray), and lotioned her legs—from her toes to the bottom of her somewhat short skirt. In this man’s words, “I wanted suggest that she get up a few minutes earlier and take care of all this at home. I didn’t. I just held my book close to my face and hoped she was done.”

3. Sightings. On one of my first mornings working in Salt Lake, I walked from my bus stop to the office. Rounding the corner of the wall surrounding the Salt Lake Temple complex, who should I see but Elder L. Tom Perry, out for a morning stroll. He bid me good morning in his characteristically enthusiastic way, and continued walking.

Just this morning, as I rode Trax into the city with our online editor, Ashley, we spotted news crews and ambulances outside the Utah District Federal Court. They were filming a gurney that was being wheeled from the courtroom. Ashley said, “I’ve never seen news crews film something like that before! I wonder if it was Brian David Mitchell!” Sure enough, it was. After a quick news search once we got in, we found out he had a seizure in court and had to be taken to the hospital. (If you go to this story and click on the first picture, you can see our light-rail train in the background.) Never a dull moment in Salt Lake.

4. Beauty. We have several conference rooms with windows overlooking Temple Square. How many places can claim that? I’ve gotten to see lush greenery in the summer, beautiful colors in fall, and now snow-dusted trees and buildings in winter. We really are fortunate.

This weekend, the Temple Square Christmas display was lit. We’ve seen them working on it for months, and it’s a thrill to be able to see so many lights surrounding the temple. After mentioning its beauty on our Facebook page (click here to become a fan), we received a request to post pictures for those who can’t see it. Look for our gallery in the next couple of days.

Who says work can’t be exciting?

Posted by: Kate

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