The Top 10 LDS Musicians You’ve Never Heard Of, No. 10

In the last entry I talked about my “Low experience” with Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker, an experience that many Latter-day Saints in music share. This is the tenth and final installment of The Top 10 LDS Musicians You’ve Never Heard Of. Before I complete the list I just want to thank everyone at By Common Consent for allowing me to evangelize for my musicians. I feel quite honored by the opportunity, and I also feel quite overzealous and protective of our Latter-day Saint musical community sometimes. Some of the friendships I’ve made through Linescratchers will indeed last a lifetime, and I’m always incredibly happy to talk about our artists, promote their music, and help them through the unique challenges that members of our faith community experience in the world of music.

Now I know what most of you will think when you see this last installment: “What a cop out!” Let me explain myself. I selected the “Top 10″ based on my own personal preferences and a desire to see many different genres and diverse backgrounds represented. I’ve had to respect the wishes of certain musicians by not featuring them. Also, there are of course time and space constraints. The musicians I’ve featured are by no means the only LDS musicians in this world, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention some more artists. Therefore, my last installment will be a few artists that didn’t make the full list, but that I think are still worth listening to.

The Sweater Friends

Jake and Allyson were just very good friends who decided to start performing together. Soon they were writing upbeat, fun acoustic songs that touch on quite deep topics (like self esteem and illegal immigration) without taking themselves too seriously. The Sweater Friends have played shows all over Utah, and are currently working on a concept album called The Ghost and the Guest that they’ve been blogging about. It’s just fun music. You can check out their interview on Linescratchers or their website and blog.

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