The Top 10 LDS Musicians You’ve Never Heard Of, No. 3

Last time, I highlighted the amazing story of rapper Young Sim and his family’s escape from war-torn Liberia. This installment takes us out to the relatively peaceful and characteristically damp Portland, Oregon. Last year, my family travelled out to Portland to see my sister get married in the Portland Temple. There in the Celestial room, I was introduced to someone who plays in a garage band there and also is in charge of the 5th Friday Open Mic, an open mic at the Beaverton, Oregon stake center featuring LDS musicians.

Intrigued, but also realizing that the temple isn’t always the best place to discuss Rock ‘n Roll, I later found Mark Simnitt and his band Fossil Fools online and interviewed him for Linescratchers. This band is awesome, and Mark is a funny, talented, and nice guy. Such are the blessings of attending the temple.

Fossil Fools

Fossil Fools made my list because they represent a long garage rockabilly tradition here in America, and they’re the perfect mixture of great and funny lyrics, great image, and great personality. They don’t pretend to be anything they’re not, of course. They’re all members of the Church, they all have callings and day jobs, but they’re just a fun group of guys who write bombastic Rock ‘n Roll like they mean it. And to me, that’s what rock is all about anyway.

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