The Top 10 LDS Musicians You’ve Never Heard Of, No. 5

Last time I talked about the spooky, yet technically proficient Halloween tunes of Kristen Lawrence. Now we move to a friend of mine through Linescratchers, who is just as well known for what he’s done with our music scene (he has played and is playing with several well-known bands) as he is for what he’s put into it.

Gregg Hale

Gregg Hale has done it all. He’s a producer, studio and record label owner, engineer, guitarist, battle-of-the-bands judge, and all-around nice guy. Music wasn’t his first choice, though. Born in Idaho Falls, his whole family was musical: his sisters all sang and his father sang folk music (and still sings in a group called The Not Brothers). However, in high school, Gregg seemed more interested in basketball and football than playing music. In his senior year, that all changed after he first heard the album Purple by the Stone Temple Pilots. Soon, he was listening to all kinds of ’90s alternative rock, and after he bought his first guitar, the rest was history.

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