The Top 10 LDS Musicians You’ve Never Heard Of, No. 7

Jennifer Thomas

When I wrote about Jennifer Thomas at Linescratchers, I described her music as “classical music that kicks.” That’s because her songs, though featuring violins, cellos, and pianos amongst other things, can rock mightily, and would feel just as comfortable in a CD player as they would in a movie soundtrack. She has composed music for short films and an album full of lullabies for mothers and babies. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

Jennifer began taking violin lessons in Washington state at the age of 5, having already displayed a talent and ear for music, and later that year began playing the piano. She and her brother would both practice music at 6 am every morning for an hour, trading off the piano. By the time she was in 2nd grade, she was playing violin in the 6th grade orchestra, and when she was finally a teenager she transitioned to piano as a primary instrument.

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