The Ultimate LDS Wedding Checklist

by | Apr. 16, 2015

Mormon Life

LDS Wedding Checklist: 1 Month Ahead

Party Prepping Stage

Receive your living ordinance temple recommends- Meet with your bishop and your stake president to start the process of receiving your living ordinance temple recommends. If you are each already endowed, you will still need a living ordinance recommend for the sealing. However, if you are not already endowed, you will need a living recommend for both your endowment and your sealing.

Choose an escort if you not endowed yet- If you are not endowed yet, you may want to start thinking about who you would like to ask to be your escort. This escort is usually a close friend, parent, or other family member who will help you during your first experience at the temple. Keep in mind that you should have only one escort and that your soon-to-be-spouse cannot be this escort. 

Arrange for time off work or school- If you’re in school or working full-time, it’s good to tell your teachers, coworkers, and bosses how long you’ll be away for your wedding and honeymoon. 

Make the bride an appointment with a hairstylist- It’s time to start practicing how you want your hair styled for your wedding. If someone else is doing it, talk openly about how you would like to look on your wedding day—and don’t forget to practice with your veil and/or hair accessories!

Mail invitations- Mail your invitations now so that your guests can have enough time to plan their schedules around your wedding event. If you and your soon-to-be spouse have to spend an entire evening stuffing and stamping envelopes, turn it into a fun date night!

Buy gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen- If you’ve chosen bridesmaids and groomsmen, show your gratitude for their help in this process by giving them a little keepsake or gift. For the ladies, jewelry, lotions, or spa gift cards are all great ideas. For the gents, bow ties, cuff links, or tickets to watch their favorite sports team are perfect gifts. 

Get a marriage license (no sooner than 30 days in advance)- Go to your local county office and apply for a marriage license. There’s a significant waiting period, so don’t procrastinate this step! You’ll need to pay a fee and provide some basic paperwork, so be sure to have your birth certificate, social security card, or driver’s license, depending on what your state or country requires.

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