The Ultimate LDS Wedding Checklist

by | Apr. 16, 2015

Mormon Life

LDS Wedding Checklist: 2 Weeks Before

Double check everything- Double check reservations with florist, caterer, photographer, videographer, entertainment, and honeymoon accommodations. Have a back-up plan for your outdoor reception in case it rains. Is it possible for you to head over the closest church cultural hall with all your decorations and party? Make contingency plans in case something goes awry. 

Plan for family members who aren't LDS- If you and your fiancé have family that are not able to attend your temple sealing, make sure you have a way to include them. Include them in special photos, give them specific thank you notes, or give them a special task at the wedding event. Honor your family even if they can’t be with you in the temple. 

-->Here is a great list of ideas on how you can include your whole family in your wedding, even if they can’t come into the temple with you. 

LDS Wedding Checklist: 1 Week Before

Crunch Time

Receive your endowment if you haven’t already- Prepare well for this experience by attending temple preparation classes and talking about the importance of the covenants you will be making. Provided you already have your living ordinance recommend from your bishop and stake president, you can call the temple and schedule an own-endowment appointment. You may invite family members and friends to attend the session with you, though only one of them will be your escort through the entire experience.

Change your address with the post office- Get a change of address form from the post office and fill it out so that your mail comes to your new home, not your old one. 

Pack for the honeymoon- Find out what the weather and the agenda is for your honeymoon so that you can pack accordingly. Don’t forget about different airline regulations on weight and liquids. If you’re going somewhere sunny, don’t forget the sunscreen and at least two swimsuits. If you’re going somewhere more rugged, don’t forget the bug spray and a good jacket.

Get a manicure and pedicure- If you want to give yourself a little relaxation and pampering amidst the insane wedding chaos, take your bridesmaids for a little girl time. Getting a mani-pedi is a great way to prep for the wedding while relaxing at the same time!

Arrange for utilities, etc. for your new home- If you’re moving into a new house or apartment, call the utilities providers to set up your gas, electricity, internet, and water. Nothing’s worse than coming back from a great honeymoon to a cold apartment with a toilet that doesn’t flush.

Get the groom a haircut- This is about the right time for the groom to have a haircut so that his hair looks sharp, but not too short. The cut shouldn’t be something extraordinarily different than he usually has; you still want your beau to look like the dashing man you fell in love with.

Provide the caterer and venue with final guest count- If you have asked people to RSVP to your wedding, give the final head count to your caterer and your venue. If you haven’t asked for formal RSVPs, then give them your best guess as far as you know from how many people have told you they’re planning on coming.

Ask someone to take mental notes during your sealing- Before going into the temple sealing, ask a few people to take mental notes of what the sealer talks about and impressions they had while there. Trust us, it will go by in a blur and you may not have the ability to remember all that he said verbatim. (We would suggest close friends, cousins, aunts, and uncles. Parents and siblings may be too caught up in the moment to really remember much). Then have them write down or email what stood out to them so that you can have a reminder of what was said. 

LDS Wedding Checklist: Night Before

Set everything out- Lay out all your needed items for your big day so that in the morning you’re not rushed—and so you don’t forget anything. Double check for temple recommends, your temple dress, getaway outfit, shoes, honeymoon suitcase, etc.

Top Tip: Put the marriage license, wedding rings, and temple recommends all together so you know exactly where they are in the morning.

Top Tip: For your honeymoon, put all the suitcases, passports, and any papers you may need in one place.

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