The Vibe

by | Jan. 19, 2010

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Jen had it. None of us could put our finger on just what “it” was; we were just grateful to be her roommates. Because of “it,” we didn’t have to roast beef or cook brownies to fill our apartment with boys from the ward. We always had adventurous weekend plans — with boys. For a never-been-kissed freshman that turned Neanderthal every time I was alone with the opposite sex, this was unprecedented.

The fact that Jen had a boyfriend back home was even more to our advantage. This prevented her from choosing from among the eligible males who made our kitchen a routine detour on their way home from class, which would have staunched the flow.

Jen was pretty, but not remarkably so. She was funny, but not riotously so. When we asked her how she attracted men like lint to a black sweater, she attributed her success to “The Vibe.”

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