The Wives of the Prophet and Apostles: A Brief Look at These Remarkable Women

by | May 12, 2018

Mormon Life

Susan Kae Robinson Bednar

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Hometown: Afton, Wyoming

Married: 1975

Education: Bachelor’s degree in elementary education from BYU

Career: First-grade teacher

Susan Robinson Bednar has been a dedicated individual since her youth. Growing up in the small town of Afton, Wyoming, she would drive miles to pursue her passion—piano. Her piano lessons were in Rexburg and Idaho Falls, Idaho, and required quite the commitment to drive across state borders. Her determination paid off, however, and she participated in several competitions and later taught piano lessons. Sister Bednar met her future husband, David Bednar, at a BYU football game, and they were married in the Salt Lake Temple in 1975. She and Elder Bednar have raised three sons.

Mary Gaddie Cook 

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Hometown: Garland and Logan, Utah

Married: November 30, 1962

Education: Utah State University

Mary Gaddie Cook was the epitome of an involved student. In junior high, she was elected student-body vice president along with the student-body president, Quentin Cook. She and her fellow student politician and future husband were also in debate together. In high school, she became the senior-class president and he was a student-body officer. After grade school, Sister Cook attended Utah State, where her ambition followed her. She became valedictorian and scholar of the year. Mary and Quentin were married in the Logan Utah Temple on November 30, 1962. When their children were born, Mary decided to stay home with them, and she sees that as a great blessing.

Katherine Jacob Christofferson 

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Hometown: Washington, D. C.

Married: May 28, 1968

Education: Bachelor’s degree in child development from BYU

Career: Aerobic dance instructor and instructor trainer

Though she was born in Washington, D. C., Katherine Jacob Christofferson was raised in Utah and Southern California. For college, she attended BYU and danced as a Cougarette, which led her to the love of her life, Todd Christofferson. Katherine graduated with a degree in child development and later became an aerobic dance instructor and instructor trainer. While she raised five children and traveled with her husband, she still managed to make time to volunteer as a grade school art teacher and with the PTA in Mexico and Maryland.

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