The Woman Who Gave Elvis Presley and the Queen a Book of Mormon

The Queen

But Olive's missionary work didn't stop with friends who happened to be famous rock stars. She also had the courage to share her faith with the Queen of England herself.

Jimmy Osmond, the youngest of the clan, recalled just how strict, intimidating, and frightening it was preparing to meet the Queen. "All this protocol," he said in an article with KSL. "'Don't raise your hand unless she raises hers. Don't speak to her unless she speaks to you first;' and of course, she came to me first, and I said, 'Hello, Mrs. Queen.'"

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Image of Jimmy Osmond meeting the Queen for the first time from KSL.

Later, Jimmy recalled his mother handing the Queen a Book of Mormon, saying, "I want to give you my most treasured possession."

"Later on, I performed for her majesty once again with my brothers," Jimmy continued in the article, "and she stopped and talked to me for a second—she normally doesn't do that. And she said, 'I remember your mother, and I still have . . . your Mormon Bible.'"

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