The added responsibility of members to clean meetinghouses

Changes are taking place in the church in regards to how meetinghouses are cleaned. It has been about 20 years that members took on some of the responsibility for cleaning church meetinghouses, but church janitors still came in to do work. I remember cleaning the church building on my mission to Chile (1990-92). I have cleaned many different church meetinghouses on Saturdays since by cleaning windows, cleaning restrooms, vacuuming , supervising the cleaning, and so on.

A couple months ago the bishop announced in Sacrament Meeting that members are going to have to pull more of the weight in regards to cleaning the building. I do not know how this will be in other parts of the world. The man who takes care of our building in Arizona has 14 others. The members are going to be in charge of cleaning the buildings without the help of paid meetinghouse janitors. I feel a little bad that these janitors will have to retire or find new employment. Our ward starts this in September. As far as what I have heard, this will be phased in through the end of 2010. I guess this is part of the Law of Concecration.

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