The argument for a companion to BYU's mascot Cosmo

Calling all BYU sports fans and supporters alike. Anyone who could ever call themselves a true BYU student knows and loves our dashing mascot Cosmo. BYU just wouldn’t be the same without him and his inspiring leadership. While Cosmo magnificently represents our school pride, there is something missing that Cosmo needs, something that almost all students who attend BYU hope for: a mate.

You may ask, “Why do we need a second mascot? Cosmo does a great job,” and indeed he does. But, just think about the advantages that come with having a counterpart.

First of all, the games would be twice as fun, now that there would be two great captains to take charge. Imagine the cheers, dance moves and half-time shows that would dramatically increase in complexity and hilarity as our two furry friends strut their stuff. And, not only could Cosmo and his friend team up during games, but they could be at multiple games at once.

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