The challenges of FHE when there are just the two of you

When Heather generously invited me to contribute to this series I was flattered, and then attempted to kindly decline. Rude right? But I was concerned that if I wrote about my family’s FHE experiences, it would either be a) hypocritical and fudging the truth, or b) honest and a serious, righteous disappointment. However Heather persevered and insisted that my perspective was important, and probably not that uncommon. So, here is my unconventional and very candid contribution to “This is What FHE Looks Like at My House.”

Frankly, FHE at my house looks like my husband and me saying “oh, hey.... it’s Monday... quick, what can we do and call it FHE?” No, seriously that’s really how it goes most of the time. Here’s our challenge: we’ve been married three years, no children, both in school and working, and so for three years now we’ve been trying to get past the feeling that FHE is a “glorified date night” and actually a valuable commandment we need to follow. Because it really does feel like a glorified date night! And maybe in our case, that is what it is.

Heather composed some lovely questions that, given my lack of FHE diligence and unconventional family situation, I will attempt to answer but will probably have to tweak a bit.
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