The dangers of ward hopping

So, young single adults ... have you ever been in a ward you didn't like? The chemistry was off? Didn't connect with your quorum? Not enough hotties? Too few mingles?

Well, what did you do about it?

If your answer is, "I served others, fulfilled my calling, loved the congregation and tried harder," then kudos. Good work.

If your answer is, "I up and left," then you're a ward hopper and we need to talk.

The costs of jumping ship

It may seem like a small thing to go to a fresh ward each Sunday -- after all, you're still going to church. But Charles Schwab, who was recently released from his position as a young single adult ward bishop in Salt Lake City, says that if everyone gave each ward in their area a trial run, the church couldn't function, and lives couldn't be blessed.

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