The dilemma faced by Mormon singles

For some reason, we frequently get invited to speak at singles conferences and firesides. Our message is always about concerning ourselves with what we can do and what we have control over rather than fretting about things that are less within our control or that we wish would happen in a different order in our lives.

Our youngest daughter, Charity, approaching her 26th birthday and single in San Francisco, has not accompanied us to any of these speeches, but apparently there is a family resemblance in how we view things. She is a marvelous writer and blogger, and one of our favorite things to do, no matter where we are in the world, is to read her latest posts. Last week, it turned out that what she was saying on her blog — drippingwithpassion.blogspot.com — was exactly, although said more elegantly, what we have been preaching in our recent speeches to singles. Let us give you some choice excerpts:

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