The entitlement trap that snares our children

Let us share a little insider story with you about the new book we have coming out this fall called "The Entitlement Trap: How to Rescue your Child with a New Family System of Choosing, Earning, and Ownership."

We originally planned to write it for the LDS audience only, and it was going to be a book about the stewardship we have over our children and about how kids have to first learn to feel ownership and responsibility for things to prepare them to later understand the greater principle of stewardship.

But the more we got into it, the more we realized that the biggest problem parents have, throughout the world, in the church and outside it, is the sense of entitlement that their kids feel. Today's kids think they are entitled to the latest technology, to name-brand clothes, to going anywhere their friends go and having anything their friends have. And they don't think they should have to work for any of it.

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