The finite resource of motherhood

I have this real and palpable fear that on my deathbed, surrounded by my children, they will say something like this: “Yeah, you were a pretty good mom, but you never, you know, made us apple snacks in the shape of ladybugs.”

Because according to the best parenting magazines, a good mother not only outfits her kids from Pottery Barn, she also makes every meal resemble a funny man with grape eyes and shredded carrot hair.

Mothers wear guilt like an albatross around the neck. We have the right intentions; that is, we want to give our kids the moon on a silver platter. Childhood only swings around once, and we want it to be filled with laughter, bubbles, board books, happy music, finger paints, museum trips and a pile of life-changing memories. We want to be Magic Mom, the kind who pops a rabbit out of her hat every morning and spins the straw of daily life into gold.

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