The first Book of Mormon comic strip?

Who is the most prolific illustrator of the Book of Mormon? Not C.C.A. Christensen, with his brightly colored 1890 paintings. Not Minerva Teichert with her wonderful pastels. Not even Arnold Friberg with his muscle-bound old men and striplings.

My candidate for that title is a man you have possibly never heard of, and whose work you almost certainly haven’t seen: John Philip Dalby.


While Phil was an undergraduate at San Diego, he began to draw a comic book version of the Book of Mormon – predating by almost 60 years the recent work that is often touted as the first Book of Mormon graphic novel. Phil’s work, “Book of Mormon Stories,” began publication in the Church News section of the Deseret News on January 1, 1947, and ran weekly until May, 1948.

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