The journeys of modern Mormon pioneers

by | Jul. 20, 2009

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The term "Mormon Pioneer" brings to mind images of oxen-drawn wagons and handcarts in the famous migration to Utah that began in 1847. Especially if you live in North America.

But for Latter-day Saints outside the church's U.S. homeland or its long-established congregations in western Europe, "pioneer" is as likely to describe a current or recent state of being -- not an antiquity.

So in the global church vernacular, the upcoming Pioneer Day holiday on July 24 may be just the marker for the beginning of an era that will not be exhausted as long as the church and its members continue to find new frontiers.

Mormon Times has called on Latter-day Saints, some who live as far from Salt Lake City as the map will take them, to broaden the story of the Mormon pioneers.

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