The morning breaks, the shadows flee

He was born according to the timetable of the Lord; the third son, yet bearing the name of his father, Joseph Smith.

On the 23rd of December in Sharon, Vermont, the shortest day of the year had just passed, the Winter's Solstice, also known as mid-winter.

The word solstice comes from the Latin "sol", meaning sun, and "sistere", meaning "to stand still."

In cultures throughout the world, from time beyond memory, the longest night of the year was celebrated with festivals, singing, dancing, sagas and stories, and the burning of fires to drive back the darkness and cheer the small groups of men and women, of families, gathered around their warm glow.

In Heavenly Father's reckoning, the long night of darkness was indeed ending, and the light of the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times was about to break forth.

Actually and symbolically, with the birth of the baby Joseph to Joseph Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith, the darkness was pierced and split asunder for new light to break forth.

Truth is light, faith is light -- the light of faith being the power by which Jesus Christ created this earth.

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