The need for radical Mormon families, Part 1

I recently picked up a book called “Radical Homemakers,” by Shannon Hayes. It was a clarion call for a withdrawal from consumerism and America’s insatiable appetite for money.

Hayes uses the term “homemaker” in a broader sense, encompassing both a husband and wife who work together to make a home. She defines radical homemakers as “men and women who have chosen to make family, community, social justice and the health of the planet the governing principles of their lives.”

The book is a series of case studies with “radical” families who try to live as sustainably as possible. They openly shun consumerism, packaged items and big-box stores. They work nontraditional jobs so they can spend time with their families. They raise grass-fed beef, make their own soap, repair their own homes, and can jam and apple sauce for the winter.

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