The plastic surgery question

The day before Annie and I moved out of our apartment in Provo, a couple in our ward came over to serve us dinner, help us pack and engage in some slightly awkward conversation about a very touchy subject in the Mormon world: plastic surgery.

The wife was writing a persuasive paper for a class about the dangers of nip-and-tuck procedures and her husband asked us our opinions. I answered with what I imagine is the standard LDS dinner party default: "I think it's a bad idea."

But our guest wasn't about to let me off that easy.

"Why?" he persisted.

I rattled off a list of common arguments against cosmetic surgery: it feeds insecurity, it inflates vanity, it can become psychologically addictive, etc. And of course, when our guest revealed that his mom and two of his sisters had undergone plastic surgery, it didn't take long for me to start back-pedaling. It didn't exactly seem like the proper venue for an all-out debate.

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